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Municipal Consulting

Abbington Engineering is a consulting engineering firm with a focus on providing quality service to Municipal, County, and State government entities throughout New Jersey, no matter how big or small the project is. The headquarters of our firm is located in Jackson, New Jersey. Our years of experience in all aspects of civil and consulting engineering allows us to bring wide-ranging skills to all of our public sector clients. The cross section of professionals in our organization consists of Professional Engineers, Certified Municipal Engineers, Planners, Professional Land Surveyors, Landscape Architects, and recognized Environmental Experts, who mutually have nearly a century of knowledge in the consulting field. The foundation of our firm lies in our experienced technical support staff. They include Municipal Construction Inspectors, CADD Technicians, Civil Design Engineers, GIS Technicians, Survey Technicians and Environmental Specialists.

Our expertise in planning and design of municipal facilities and public infrastructure is unmatched. We take pride in every assignment that we embark on, which is evident in the achievements that Abbington Engineering has garnered since our beginning. Our projects completed on behalf of government entities includes a varied range of public infrastructure plans including municipal roadway improvement programs, highway widening, signal design, pedestrian safety improvements, modernization of public water system, sanitary sewer installation, flood control programs, and public planning.

The primary difference between Abbington Engineering and other consultants is our dedication to service of the public as Municipal Engineers. We not only take this work very seriously we take it to heart. To strengthen our obligation to the public our team of professionals are selected not just for technical qualifications, but on their integrity, and desire to provide one on one personalized service to you the client.

We have served in positions that include Municipal Engineer, Municipal Planner, Planning and Zoning Board Engineer.

Elected officials can rest assured that our professionals possess a complete understanding of the municipal government and are dedicated to assisting our municipal clients in meeting the needs of their communities and a keen awareness of the fiscal impact of professional costs on any municipal budget.

• Capital Improvement Projects
• Roadway Survey & Design
• Bid Documents & Specifications
• Construction Administration & Inspection
• Tax Map Maintenance
• Federal and State Grant Applications
• Infrastructure Design & Permitting
• Planning & Zoning

Environmental Services

Abbington Engineering provides a full palate of environmental services, with over 25 years of experience in this discipline. These include environmental site assessments, environmental impact statements, wetlands delineations, permitting for freshwater and coastal wetlands, CAFRA, Flood Hazard Area, waterfront development, and Sanitary Sewerage. We provide complete environmental services for all aspects of site and civil design. Our staff stays current on the continuously changing environmental regulations and permitting requirements, and maintains working relationships with regulatory officials.

Our personnel are skilled at preparing complete and accurate permit applications. Our staff possess excellent knowledge soil classification and sampling. Abbington provides in house soils testing to expedite our work. The effectiveness we achieve in our work is a product of the varied and unique backgrounds of our environmental experts and staff in being able to supply a work product that will withstand the scrutiny of regulatory agency review.

Our firm has successfully provided these services to public and private clients alike. We continue to strive to provide on time and on budget results.

• Environmental Permitting
• Wetlands Delineations
• NJDEP Environmental Applications and Permitting
• Environmental Impact Statements
• Environmental Assessments & Feasibility Reviews
• Soil Logs and Permeability Testing

Civil Engineering

The core of Abbington Engineering is founded upon our extensive range of expertise in the application of time tested engineering principles, enhanced with innovative technologies to solve complex real-world issues. With over a century of aggregate experience, and a diverse project portfolio our team of experts stands ready to assist our clients in determining cost effective solutions to complex issues facing the communities we serve.

Our vast body of work ranges from municipal infrastructure maintenance to highway interchange design, and multi-faceted site planning and engineering. The professionals in our firm have demonstrated track records of success in their respective areas of expertise, some of whom possess nationally recognized credentials in their fields. The resumes of our key professionals are included herewith, and outline their education, experience, and certifications.

The broad spectrum of engineering services provided by Abbington Engineering includes geometric roadway and highway design, traffic signal design, stormwater management and flood control, infrastructure planning, underground utilities design, soil erosion and sediment control, and all other aspects of civil, transportation, and water resources engineering. The division leaders in our firm are each recognized experts in their fields and boast decades of successful project experience. Our commitment to excellence revolves around exemplary execution of each assignment, delivering on promises, and ensuring that our work product meets the project objectives and is right the first time.

Recognizing that fiscal responsibility is elemental to the success of any project, our firm utilizes the latest available Computer Aided Drafting & Design and analytical technologies to achieve the greatest efficiencies in the design process. This allows us to enhance overall productivity, while still affording the level of hands-on attention to detail which enables us to maintain our self-imposed high level of quality assurance on every project.

Our philosophical approach to every assignment is to identify real project goals up-front, assess the fiscal impact, and formulate the best approach to achieve the stated goals effectively, and as efficiently as possible.

Our firm’s growing list of clients includes local and county governments, boards of education, land developers, attorneys, and other consulting firms. Several examples of projects completed by our firm, and by individuals within our firm are outlined below, and on individual resumes enclosed.

• Feasibility Studies
• Preliminary & Final Site Plans
• Residential Plot Plans
• Septic Design
• Design Permitting
• Stormwater Management
• Infrastructure Design
• Roadway Design & Improvements
• Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plans

Landscape Archirecture

Abbington Engineering takes pride in our reputation as experts in the design of aesthetic and recreational amenities. Our Landscape Architects work seamlessly with engineers to create visual environments that enhance the overall design of site improvements and streetscape plans.

The scope of expertise of our landscape architects includes the design of award winning streetscapes (Main Street, Freehold Borough), landscaping and lighting plans for pubic and private facilities, illumination studies, pedestrian mobility improvements, as well as parks and recreational facilities design. Our lead Landscape Architect has over 30 years of experience in athletic facilities, plantings selection, site orientation, screening and buffering, turf maintenance, streetscape design, and site grading.

Our support staff includes landscape designers employing the latest in CADD technologies to develop landscape plans that are seamlessly integrated into overall site layout and grading plans, and account for underground utilities and other potential obstructions.

Aside from landscape design, Abbington Engineering takes pride in our reputation as experts in the design and construction oversight of playing fields and other athletic facilities. Our team of experts have successfully integrated engineering and landscape architecture to solve the myriad of drainage intricacies that are typically associated with little league style baseball fields, and create state of the art playing surfaces that reduce maintenance costs while simultaneously meeting design and safety standards.

Evidence of our work is found in communities we serve where athletic facilities are available for play immediately following rainfall, thus enhancing the inventory of available ballfields and supporting municipal recreation programs, thereby delivering tangible benefits to the community.

At Abbington Engineering we take safety seriously, most importantly the safety of the children of the community. Our team includes Certified Playground Safety Inspectors who perform safety audits on existing facilities, and ensure that our designs meet stringent safety standards.

This mindset carries through each and every undertaking to ensure that our clients are delivering recreational amenities that meet community expectations and meet the highest possible standards in injury prevention and user safety.

• Landscape Design
• Tree Management Plans
• Parks & Recreation Design
• Pedestrian & Bike way Design
• Lighting Plans
• Athletic Facilities
• Graphic Presentations Exhibits

Land Surveying

At Abbington Engineering we believe that Land Surveying is the foundation for any quality design undertaking, thus warrants heightened quality control and accuracy. This mindset is carried through each and every assignment regardless of size or complexity, and results in survey maps which can be relied on with the utmost confidence.

The surveying experts in our firm are guided by decades of hands-on experience in land surveying and mapping, property research, and tax map preparation, and construction stakeout of improvements. Our experience includes a diversity of services provided to municipal and county governments, as well as private entities throughout New Jersey.

Our capabilities are broad based and include property and topographic surveys, boundary research, property line analysis, metes and bounds descriptions, aerial survey coordination, utility as-built, route surveying, and subdivision map preparation. We utilize the latest digital surveying equipment, full-station instrumentation and electronic distance measuring equipment in the course of our work.

The field personnel in our firm are supported by technicians utilizing state of the art CADD and GIS technologies to ensure that field data is processed in the most efficient manner possible to result in survey basemaps that are complete and accurate. The digital technology employed by our firm results in timely and efficient preparation of 3D terrain models to assist in expediting the preparation engineering design drawings.

Our experience in collecting field data ranges in geographic diversity from inner-city settings to forest areas, and includes property line data, environmentally sensitive features, dendrology, topographic features, underground utilities, and traffic control features.

At Abbington Engineering we apply same high quality control standards to our land surveying, basemapping, and stakeout assignments as we apply to every other division of our firm. Our theory is that the quality of our plans and work product relies heavily on the quality of basemaps which support them.

• Preliminary & Final Subdivision
• As-built Surveys
• ALTA Surveys
• Boundary Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Construction Stakeout
• Right of Way Surveys
• Utility As-builts
• Stream & Cross Section Surveys
• GPS Control Surveys
• GIS Mapping & Inventorying
• Hydrographic Surveys

Construction Management

The overall success of any capital improvement project is the direct result of competent design and effective implementation. The Construction Management team at Abbington Engineering has a keen awareness of the intricacies involved in public projects, from cost control and quality assurance perspectives. The negative public perception of delays and cost overruns diminish the positive impact of any capital initiative, therefore our focus on providing effective construction management begins on day one.

The collective experience of our team spans decades and includes county highway, municipal infrastructure, private development projects. Our professionals have the expertise needed to ensure a successful project implementation, and have past experience with Monmouth County and it’s policies and practices.

What sets our firm apart from other consultants is the diverse background of our field personnel and their ability to seamlessly integrate Construction Management with environmental compliance and land surveying to ensure a successful project without the necessity for multiple levels of personnel. The cost savings achieved result in a more cost-effective overall project for the tax payers and give the Municipal Officials confidence that their vision is being carried out in the manner intended.

Our construction oversight team consists of field personnel with certifications in Municipal Construction Inspection, with experience levels ranging from 6 years to over 30 years. Our track record of successfully delivering construction projects to completion includes roadways, underground utilities, public facilities, and recreational projects.

In addition to the knowledge and expertise required ‘in the trenches’ our experts have a complete working knowledge of the various grant programs, including NJDOT and CDBG and are experienced at ensuring specific program compliance, from up-front funding through project closeout

• Construction Inspection
• Construction Administration
• Municipal/County/State/Federal Permitting
• Construction Estimates & Quantities